Caribbean inspired Sunday Roast dinners on colourful table
Reggae Roasts: sunshine for your Sunday
Isn't winter feeling like a real drag!?

By this point in the year there's no longer the heady excitement of Christmas to carry us through those dark nights and cold mornings. The weather's rubbish (how many storms have we had already!?) and the reality of having to wait months for some sunshine sets in. Think about it all too hard and it's a sure-fire way to set off a case of the winter blues.

Sound familiar?

Don't worry - we've got just the cure! Round up a group of your favourite people, add in some absolutely mouth-watering, hearty food (lots of it ideally) and mix them together with an afternoon of feel-good rhythms that speak to the've got yourself in a damn good mood.

Happy friends at Reggae Roast
Enter our brand-new Reggae Roasts! 

Caribbean-style Sunday roast dinners that fuse rich and fresh flavours from the islands to the soundtrack of uplifting reggae beats. All you need to do is bring the good company. It's not just a recipe for a good mood - our Reggae Roasts are guaranteed to bring some sunshine to any Sunday. Available in selected locations every Sunday from 12pm - 6pm.

There's just something about getting together with loved ones and sharing laughs over big plates of comforting food. Whether it's a family pot roast in Jamaica or a roast dinner here in the UK, it's something that brings us all joy and connects us - a feeling you almost can't put into words.

Now, we know what you're thinking.

The purists might well be thinking "don't mess with a classic Sunday roast!".... But don't worry, we get it. Our Reggae Roast packs in all the rich, hearty flavours you know and love and all your favourite trimmings, but the island flavours really bring it to life. Think thyme-roasted potatoes, sweet plantain and a totally dippable dumpling. This is a roast on another level.

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Feel the warmth - but not the spice

Don't worry - this roast might knock your socks off but it isn't about to blow your head off with spicy. Most elements aren't spicy at all (Caribbean cooking is about so much more than just chilli!). 

There's just a very gentle warmth to our jerk chicken and vegan jerk "chicken" from our marinade. It depends how you tolerate spice, but we'd describe it as a deliciously addictive warmth more than anything else. This isn't a spicy roast 😉

Get in the mood

Check out some great tunes that are sure to transport you to an island paradise and have you dancing round the kitchen in no time. Just try not to think too hard about how much better the tunes would be with a plate of delicious food.

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Wash it all down...

There's no better way to make the weekend feel longer than with a real treat on Sunday. Pair your Reggae Roast with an ice cold beer (try Red Stripe or one of our very own Turtle Bay beers), a glass of wine or one of our totally tropical cocktails or mocktails and relax into island time for a while. It's the perfect way to seal in the Sunday sunshine for the afternoon.

Celebrating something big? Upgrade your Reggae Roast to include 2 hours of Bottomless drinks for just £25pp!*

Red Stripe Beer and Reggae Roast

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Reggae Roasts are available in 30 selected Turtle Bays across the UK, every Sunday from 12pm until 6pm. 

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* 5 drinks in 90 minutes in Scotland