Bottomless Brunch Cheers Top Down
5 reasons to go to Boozy Brunch!

Scotland, meet our Bay Brunch: A.K.A the ultimate Boozy Brunch! Yep, that's right - 5 totally tropical cocktails and any brunch dish, burger or wrap for just £28.30pp. Sounds amazing, right?! 

And the best bit? It's available every day. Book until 4.30pm Sun - Fri and 3.30pm on Saturdays, which makes it the perfect plan for any occasion.

5 reasons to grab your friends and book a Bay Brunch: 

  1. Birthday or Graduation: Our Bay Brunch is the BEST way to celebrate! Get your friends together and book for up to 12 people Sun - Fri and 8 on Saturdays.
  2. Girls' Day: A boozy brunch is the perfect excuse to get your besties together for a long-needed catch up! 
  3. First Date: A cocktail or two is a good way to settle those first-date nerves, and a Bay Brunch is a great way to get to know someone. Your fave cocktail says a lot about you 😉
  4. Shopping trip: Decisions are always best made a little tipsy, right? You just may have some extra returns to make! 
  5. And if you dare... a family brunch: Yep, we went there... this one's for anyone feeling brave enough to have 5 cocktails with your parents! 

Go on, what are you waiting for...? 

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This is all about slowing down and chilling out, island style. Catch up with friends or family and enjoy a seriously tasty brunch dish, relax to laid-back reggae tunes and sip on cocktails - from Caribbean twists on the classics, like our Watermelon Margarita, to Turtle Bay signatures like our Reggae Rum Punch, and of course even Glasgow's exclusive Irn Bru Cocktail.

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Bay Brunch Glasgow - Turtle Bay
Bay Brunch Glasgow - Turtle Bay

Last sitting for Bay Brunch is 5.30pm Sun - Fri and 3.30pm on Saturdays. All bookings are for 90 mins but you're welcome to join us round the bar afterwards for cocktails.

Max table size is 12 Sun - Fri and 8 on Saturdays. 

Our Bay Brunch is just for Scotland - if you're in England or Wales, check out our Bottomless Brunch instead.