Mr Fabulous boat on Caribbean beach

Island Time

Island Time

Escape the winter blues

It's officially January and we're all feeling those post-Christmas blues. It's wet, windy and cold and we're dreaming of sipping on tropical cocktails on sandy beaches whilst relaxing to the rhythm of reggae. 

We know a place where you can beat those January blues and experience the magic of the Caribbean right on your doorstep... 

Warm up your winter as you savour mouth-watering flavours like nowhere else, tap your feet to feel-good beats and sip a Koko Kolada or two as you soak up the laid-back lifestyle of island time. 

What is Island Time? 

Island time is the best time! It's a departure from the rush of daily life and an embrace of a relaxed, easy-going lifestyle. Imagine a place where the water is brighter, the sunsets are more vibrant and the laughter is louder. Whether you're sharing stories with friends, lounging in a hammock or dancing to cool reggae beats, island time is an invitation to savour life's flavours, lose track of time and enjoy a few extra moments of bliss. 

At Turtle Bay, we're all about leaving behind the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relishing in the spirit of island time - there's no hurry, no worry, just good times! 

Indulge your senses in the flavours of Caribbean cooking... smell the rich, smoky jerk chicken and the warming comfort of soul food, whilst limin' with friends and sipping on a tropical rum cocktail or two. 

Your ticket to Island Time...

If you want to unwind and revel in the blissful rhythm of island time, we know of a place where the Caribbean sun is always shining - and we've got just the ticket to help you get there 😉

Enjoy a £10 gift

Download our Bay Club app and we'll pop you a £10 gift to spend on anything you like this Jan*. We'll be ready and waiting to help you escape to a world of warmth, flavour and relaxation. Whether it's a dinner with your favourite person, a few drinks after work or trying a new vegan dish, sunshine vibes are guaranteed.

Escape to the Bay

*Available when you download before 31st Jan 2024. For more T&Cs head here.