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If you're trying Veganuary or just eating a little less meat, these flavours will blow your mind!

Our plant-based dishes make it super easy to love vegan food and our huge range of vegan cocktails will deliver the good times we all need in January.

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Chickpea Callaloo Curry and Cocktail 6

Vegan Jerk "Chicken" - Spicing up your post-gym meal

It's January and like many of us, you've probably signed up for the gym. If you're after a vegan post-workout meal packed with protein, ditch the meal-prepped salad and savour the smoky flavours of our Vegan Jerk "Chicken". It's not just chicken and rice, it's a marinated plant-based “chicken” breast, chargrilled & topped with our rich jerk gravy. Served with pineapple chow and either coconut rice & peas or spiced fries. 

Vegan Jerk Chicken

Jamaican Run Down - No January blues here

We get it after Christmas, January can just be grey and rainy, but our Jamaican Run Down is here to bring you comfort and warmth! This slowly-simmered vegan stew is bursting with flavour and packed with butternut squash, sweet potato, and coconut. Treat yourself to a side of Dumplings, they're perfect for mopping up the remaining creamy coconut sauce. You'll feel like you're in the Caribbean in no time!

Vegan Jamaican Run Down

Vegan Cocktails - Level up your catch-ups

Has Dry January already gone out the window? It definitely will once you've heard this...There's 20+ cocktails on our menu that are ALL vegan! Yep, so whether it's an after-work catch-up or a lunch date with your best friend, all of our vegan cocktails are available during Happy Hour and Bottomless Brunch. 

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In need of some winter sun? We've got just the ticket 😉 

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