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We live by the Spirit of One Love
We’re a business that has teams in multiple cities and regions, run by different people from different backgrounds. These amazing differences between us are what make us Turtle Bay. Whilst celebrating all of our differences, we must also make sure there’s an invisible thread that runs between us. That thread is what we call One Love and it's what makes us who we are. There are 5 strands to what makes up our One Love.
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Living by One Love

The universal respect for all people – no matter who you are or where you’re from. It’s something we live by and we are striving to create a more equal and inclusive world every single day. Find out what we’re up to...

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Check out our Wellbeing Strategy!
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It's All About Race Roadshow
James Cudjoe 1350
"I am happy to work for Turtle Bay as we’re a company that are focused on Equality and Inclusion and through different training, workshops, and courses are aiming to create a fair, equal and safe place for everyone to work" James Cudjoe, People Administrator
Natalie bakes 1350
"I love working at Turtle Bay because our team allows us to be ourselves and we all love each other for it" Natalie Bakes, Front of House Solihull
Matt York 1350
"I'm Matt, I'm autistic, dyslexic, have dyspraxia, on paper I'd suck at bartending, but the training and the quality of support at turtle bay have enabled me to become a phenomenal bartender, and a modest one at that too!" Matt, Front of House
Tam Exeter 1350
"As a trans woman, I’ve never felt as respected by an employer as Turtle Bay" Tam, Front of House Exeter
Salford Quays Floor Team