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At Turtle Bay we embrace the rich, diverse culture of the Caribbean. It boasts so much cultural vibrancy which we aim to deliver in a magical experience for our guests, taking inspiration from rum, reggae and jerk and of course, those chilled-out vibes.

As a Caribbean-inspired restaurant who have been spreading good times all over the UK for over 10 years, we have a duty to pay homage to the culture where we get so much of our inspiration from. We want to do this from a place of respect and use this opportunity to educate and learn.

It’s important that we do what we can to educate all our guests on the role the Caribbean culture plays within our business. We want our guests to be transported through a journey of discovery when they enter our restaurants, learning from our teams about the many Caribbean islands our rum, reggae and jerk is inspired from.

With our position comes a responsibility to ensure that we are building relationships with African Caribbean communities within the local communities around our restaurants and supporting wherever we can.

We must also use our unique position as a Caribbean-inspired business to champion greater ethnic diversity in our teams and to increase representation at all levels, becoming leaders in our sector. We are aware across hospitality there is an underrepresentation of people from Black, Asian, and other ethnic minority backgrounds. This is particularly noticeable in management and senior roles.

To address this, we must know better. We want to ensure that our teams have a full understanding about the power of Equality, Inclusion and Equity. Our teams are always learning and developing. We are on a journey of implementing training workshops, take a zero tolerance to discrimination and create a safe space where our people and our guests are celebrated for their individuality. Anyone at Turtle Bay shoule be able to be their most authentic best selves.

With every step, every milestone and every hurdle we meet along our Equality, Equity, Inclusion and Wellbeing journey we want you all to be there with us.

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Our Inclusion Strategy plays an important part in our overall vision, which is:

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A culture of equality and inclusion, where our teams and guests all have a sense of belonging at Turtle Bay.
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Provide opportunities for all team members at Turtle Bay.
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To operate with integrity, respect and empathy for our teams, and the communities we serve and operate in.
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There is a place at Turtle Bay for everyone. We live by the spirit of One Love, the universal acceptance of all people. 

Our One Love culture is about celebrating our individuality and supporting each other as one big family.

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